The Challenge

Quickly re-build a website from the ground up,  make it mobile responsive, and optimize it for marketing and conversion.

Our friends at MCNY use their website as the main recruitment tool, and we had the task to make it as user friendly and easy to navigate as possible for their students, faculty, and staff. It had to also be as connected, and integrated with all the latest digital marketing must haves, like: SEO, Facebook retargeting, Google Analytics, and Google Adwords tags and pixels. All that data had to feed into a  CRM for better lead nurturing, and inquiry, management. We had 90 days – No pressure.

The Solution

We examined the old website, and determined that most of the traffic comes from a mobile device. We took a mobile first approach, following industry best practices, and current design trends. The website had to be light, clean, and optimized for marketing and enrollment efforts. We used WordPress CMS, as requested, and in 90 days we managed to create a working prototype, that was eventually converted into a full working website, with integrated Facebook and Google pixels, conversion tracking, and third party solutions, which the college uses to provide services to their students. Things like Self Service, Slate CRM, Moodle, etc.


Complete Website Development


Metropolitan College of New York

What We Did

Web Design | Marketing Consulting | Creative

The Result

Hot Looks

Light and clean design with vivid imagery positions the school as a modern, forward-thinking institution.

Easy Navigation

We grouped, and structured the navigation to make it easier, and intuitive for the visitors. We also trimmed down the amount of text, and made it more SEO friendly.

True Power

The website is built as a marketing tool, and is integrated with all the latest marketing technologies, and tools, for seamless and easy data collection, and visitor interaction.

Solid Code

Built with the world’s most popular CMS, the website is easy to maintain, update, and scale. All custom coding is done according to industry standards, with speed and security in mind.