Video Advertising

How to effectively use video in your next campaign?

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    video advertising

    Nowadays, marketers rely heavily on videos to create a buzz on their product, service or brand. And why not? Video marketing is a highly effective and efficient method of delivering your message to the world. Most people would rather watch a video than read text. In fact, all over the globe, people spend more than 6 billion hours watching online videos every month. That’s equivalent to almost an hour for each person in the planet. Another fun fact: video-sharing website YouTube is the second most used search engine behind only Google.

    Reach Your Customers with the Right Message
    and A Variety of Creative Options

    • Demographic Groups
    • Online User Behaviors
    • Dayparting
    • Geotargeting
    • Keyword targeting
    • Interest targeting
    • Contextual targeting
    • YouTube channel targeting
    • Customized Text Ads
    • Retargeted Videos
    • Mobile Video Advertisements
    • Pre-roll & Mid-roll Videos
    • Sidebar Display Ads