Create Better Performing Ads

Social networks now autoplay and loop video making them perfect for cinemagraphs.

Lower Production Cost

Unlike traditional long-form video with sound, cinemagraphs are quicker and easier to produce and work better in mobile-first world.

Enhance Your Storytelling

The average dwell time on a cinemagraph is 9 seconds, making them perfect for branding and remarketing campaigns.

What are


Cinemagraphs are a beautiful visual medium that takes the best of still photography, combines it with video, and creates mesmerizing living photos that capture our attention.



Cinemgraphs beat stills every time. Your ads perform better. You get more customers.

The Difference

Cinemagraphs outperform images on click-through rates and engagement.

Start Using Cinemagraphs
Click-Through Increase
Engagement Growth