The village of Saranc Lake, also known as the coolest place in the Adirondacks, had a request asking agencies to submit their ideas and proposals for re-designing their official village website, and adding some much needed visual appeal to it. Saranc Lake Village also wanted the website to be mobile responsive, and serve as a hub to their community, visitors, and businesses from the region. They wanted to be able to use it for marketing and promotion of the regional touristic attractions and programs as well as help with the development of a marketing plan to execute an integrated campaign for the local development corporation

We took the initiative and decided to submit our idea for the project. The approach was based on building a solid website foundation and tie all the efforts around it, by seamlessly integrating marketing campaigns, business directories, tourism, community information, and important municipal announcements, all in one interactive and beautiful hub.

ArtC build a working prototype to better illustrate the idea to the committee. Doing spec work usually translates to lost time and money for most of the agencies we know, but we are not like the most agencies. We don’t mind putting in some work and showing our clients that we are serious about their project.

Just like any selection process, there is only one winner, and we our proposal did get to the final selection round, but the village committee decided they want to use a local company that have done previous work for them.

Regardless of the fact, it was a pleasure to explore, and work on this challenge, and we have a showcase prototype, that we are proud to display as part of our portfolio.


Saranac Lake Village Website Re-design


Spec Work for RFP

What We Did

Responsive Web Design, Marketing Strategy

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